Finally…Your Own ‘Secret’ Mastermind Group Determined To Maximize Your Natural Game Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible!”

If you desire to naturally attract women with almost zero effort, and would like a world-class panel of experts to professionally upgrade your game on a personal level, then this is the most important message you will ever read.


Dear Friend,


I have a question for you.


What’s your game like?


I’m not talking about your success rate here (or any statistics mumbo-jumbo for that matter) because stats are just indicators of your ability to produce results.  Stats just reveal where you’re at right now…on your path towards ultimate dating mastery.


No.  I’m talking about your natural game.  You’re primal masculine power to seduce and dominate any attractive woman that you passionately lust after.  The “nature” of your game has nothing to do with practical math – or logic – at all.


If you’re anything like me, you might be taken back by this question the first time you hear it…because we’ve both spent a lot of time trying to copy-cat someone else’s game.


For years, the seduction community was all about copying what worked for successful men in the game, doing it the exact same way, and hoping it will give us the exact same results with women, as if it were our own.


When “pickup” first started, scripted routines, magic tricks and other cheesy gimmicks spread through the internet like a jet-fueled wildfire, shared only by the pioneers of its time.


It was still small, it was still underground, and it was an incredible “secret weapon” for any man fortunate enough to be involved in it at the time.


It worked obscenely well for a while, and for the first time, any “average” guy could use a scripted method and get laid like a rock star any day of the week. 


There Are Only Two Reasons Why
Routines Worked Almost Every Time:


1)    The community was small enough that the same girl would almost never hear the same thing from two guys approaching her.


2)    We backwards engineered the most powerful (and natural) world-class playboys alive and successfully made them our own.


Fast-forward to 2009:  Pickup has exploded into the mainstream…diluting routines to nothing more than the “pickup lines” of our generation”…and the cat is officially out of the bag.


The bad news routines have almost become totally obsolete- leaving men who use them are left in an anxious panic without any “magic bullet” to rely on anymore.


The good news is…the core concepts of a naturally dominant, irresistibly attractive human male have gone unchanged since the beginning of time.


And now, instead of trying to replicate success with women, you can…


Become The Flawless Natural

Other Men Desperately Want To Be!


Finally, you can stop following examples of other men who are successful with women…


…and start to become one on your own accord.


But, you can’t do it alone.


You need a guide.  In fact, you need multiple guides. 


The more mega-successful men with totally different perspectives on this stuff, - all showing you with their own uniquely rich (and wickedly effective) insights on obtaining dating mastery fast – the easier it becomes to figure out exactly what style of game works for you personally.


But - if you want hardcore results fast - you would have a devoted panel of seduction experts supporting you with a steady flow of inside information…


…throwing what doesn’t work for you painlessly


…and supercharging what works for you (and only you) to seamlessly upgrade your game to consistently produce the absolute best dating results humanly possible.


Here’s The Bottom-Line:  If (and only if) you are honestly ready to quit playing around with “child’s play” levels of seduction skills…


…and think you can handle the awesome power of maximizing your primal seductive potential …


…you absolutely can.  Starting today.


And I’ll show you exactly how in a just moment.  But first, I need to let you in on an important piece of “insider information” from deep within the white-hot core of the Real Social Dynamics.


For an entire year straight, RSD’s Executive Coaching Staff relentlessly slaved over producing the most jaw-dropping seduction content the world has ever seen.


And for 12 months strait, “RSD Mastermind” members have been pummeled with non-stop dating insights - harvested and recorded immediately upon discovery– found only at the front line trenches in what’s left of seduction’s underground.


Every-single-month documented a brand spankin’ new (and ultra cutting edge) breakthrough in meeting and dating beautiful women…


…tackled your toughest (and most pain-rich) problems with stunningly vicious power…


and unleashed a seduction firestorm of easy-to-implement tactics forcing  you to master your OWN natural game once and for all.


A Few guys have been in RSD Mastermind almost from the get-go…soaking up every blazing ray of seductive glory radiating from the entire Mastermind series… using the buffet of professional advice to sculpt their natural game into unstoppable perfection.


A Lot jumped on board along the way…taking full advantage of the vast selection of executive coach experiences…jumpstarting their journey of finding the right style that works for them.


Even More determined men joined RSD Mastermind recently…and are already ranting-and-raving about how much their eyes have been blown wide open to new possibilities of what they’re natural game is truly capable of.


But these men did not have the full collection of the RSD Mastermind episodes they’ve missed.  Until now.


Here’s what I have for you:


8 World-Class Dating Coaches, 12 White-Hot Private Seminars

100% Instantly-Valuable “Natural” Seduction Shortcuts


For the first time in history, the entire collection of RSD Mastermind from 2008 is available - to the general public - as one kick-ass bundled package.


That’s 12 full hours and 8 professional gurus bombarding you with different angles, new perspectives, and your own intense breakdown of which natural game concepts are destined to bring you success with women, no matter what.


Imagine each unique disc as its own personal 1-on-1 seminar with your own RSD Executive Coach, answering your most commonly difficult questions (that have already been asked for you) and giving you a private tutorial of – not only what has been proven to attract women – but how you can apply it directly to your own natural attraction style.


Here’s a sneak-peak into the accumulated wealth of “natural game” secrets you can start to discover today:



CD 1:  “The Tyler Files” (Part 1 of 2)


(First half  of “The Tyler Files” 2 part series)


RSD’s Executive Producer, Tyler, absolutely rocks this no-holds-barred Q&A session as RSD Nation bombards him with the most gripping, most nightmarish, and most unbelievably devastating dating issues that our rapidly growing community could offer.


His deep insights (and easy-to-implement strategies) for embracing your “inner natural” – resulting in Godzilla like advantages against any man in the dating scene – is nothing to sneeze at.


Here are a few examples…


·        A Crucial Mistake (even veterans make) that automatically repels women the second you speak, and how to use a quick (and simple) fix that prevents you from committing this unforgivable act forever!


·        How to use the secrets of “self-amusement” for maximum authenticity!  (Traditional techniques rob you of this potential power – while Tyler’s method actually increases it ten-fold!)


·        Simple little personality tweak forces you to stay unreactive with women…no matter how much pressure you feel, or how attractive you think she is!


·        The truth behind keeping a girlfriend – and why 99% of all guys completely blow it right after they get one!


·        The vast majority of men never figure out how to deal with people as equals…and yet the “solution” is easy and well-known by celebrities!


·        What you can learn from eastern philosophy secrets that will send your social value soaring (Including meeting more women, making new friends, and being accepted by everyone) that you can master almost overnight!


·        The truth about value giving…and why “routines, “gimmicks” and even “magic tricks” lose consistently (by leaps and bounds) to this ONE “magic” style of approaching new women for the very first time!


·        An ancient technique (hidden even from men who consider themselves “masters” of seduction) guarantees to launch you on the fast-track to success faster than you ever dreamed possible!


·        Why the single most common (and unbelievably devastating) road-block in self development is also the easiest to conquer…once you know what the experts know!


·        The little known secret to every social interaction that separates the champs from the chumps…and how to ensure you never slip into “chump zone” again!  (Hint – This will seem like a no-brainer…but only once you know how, and why)


·        The hidden secret to master excellence at anything you do! (Hint – Socrates had this mastered centuries ago, and now it will be in the palm of your hands)


·        Why being your own guru will come easily and naturally!  Forget all the copy-cat nonsense about trying to act like someone else to get girls.  (The best guys in the world live by this code, and attract women like high powered super magnets…and now it’s your turn.)


·        How to seek-and-destroy your “insecurity crutch” forever!  (Note – This is a massive blind-spot to most men, but you’ll avoid this game-crippling threat like the plague… once you know what to look for)


·        The blinding truth behind “good vs bad” nights, and how to use this simple (and wickedly effective)  tactic to neutralize inconsistency from your game and transform you into a lean and mean seduction machine every time you go out to meet women!

CD 2:  “The Tyler Files” (Part 2 of 2)


But Tyler’s sizzling hot-seat was far from over.  In fact, RSD Nation was just getting started.


Next up is the more advanced questions only savvy playboys and aspiring seduction superstars are confronted with.  These next-level sticking points are the same massive road-blocks that other guys unfortunately have to suffer through…but are incredibly easy to understand once Tyler lays it all on the line with child-like simplicity.


You’ll discover secrets like:


·        The number one reason why girls flake - even if they’re head-over-heals attracted to you!  (Hint – The key to preventing this “game virus” is blazingly obvious, but only if you know the secret)


·        How to conquer and dominate “awkward” silences – going from immobilizing to Impressive – quickly, charging your frame into seductive super-magnet!


·        The never-shattering truth behind “state” and how to instantly access this raw, but ready, power at the drop of a hat!


·        A “lazy man’s” training technique that’s so simple, you can master sitting at home with your friends!


·        How to instantly reveal hidden leaks in your game and how to patch them up fast!  (Note - This is a comprehensive breakdown of the most common fears haunting your interactions with women and a complete “fail safe” system of correcting yourself every time you speak!)


·        A man with these two critical (and often overlooked) elements mastered has more success with women than any other man alive! 


·        The one overriding secret quality you must have to even approach a desirable woman!  (She will overlook everything else but this.)


·        How to easily and effectively find a mentor…and why most beginners are doomed to fail 7 out of 8 times (leaving them lost and begging for help).


·        How to quickly (and easily) become “the guy” girls like to be around almost overnight!  (Hint – This one secret alone will shower you with women, increasing your confidence by 200%!)


·        How to embrace the little known secret of “flawed-perfect” game to make a girl at comfortable quickly! (So instantly effective that even guys who are “too smooth” no longer get stamped as easy-to-spot players again!)


·        How to use simple “state pumpers” (used by ancient tribes thousands of years ago) to instantly make sure you’re prepared for any venue…so you’ll always get a repeatable result no matter what the conditions are!  (Even if you’re in a brand new city, alone, with strangers trying desperately to blow you out!)


·        The one “social status weapon” you will have open to you every time you go out…so simple, so easy to remember its like walking around with a supermodel on each arm!


CD 3:  “Get Successful Or Die Trying”


It reflects the ultra-hungry mentality necessary to reach “mastery” in sexual abundance and surreal dating success.


CD3 marks the exact time period in which we now had a choice in game:  Attract women by being completely fake or totally natural.  If there was ever a perfect bridge between the “old paradigm” of mechanical game – to the evolution to a pure natural style…this is it.


You’ll be shocked to learn secrets like:


·        A full blown breakdown of the secret methods RSD uses to coach dating advice from the ground up…and why these proven, result driven tactics can force-feed you the wisdom you need to slash years off your learning curve.


·        The one simple truth behind conquering every mental, physical, and emotional barrier– regardless of how deep, personal, and unique they are – that replenishes your soul with self-belief (and murders any sliver of self-doubt you’ve ever had in your life.)


·        Shocking “insider only” secrets of the Pickup Industry exposed for the first time in history.  (Which will leave the competition outraged…yet radically shift your perspective on meeting women).


·        How to conquer the scarcity mentality that crushes your confidence! (So instantly authentic, you’ll be able to approach any beautiful woman you desireand never get anxious about it again!)


·        Simple mental tweak allows you to evolve full presence, heighten awareness…and compel women to hang on every word you say.


·        How to guarantee you are “cut from the same cloth” as everyone else on the planet.  This startling realization alone shatters your limiting beliefs, and tears away layers of social conditioning (that are ruining your success with women…and everything else in your life).


·        Escape vices of the “unthinking masses” that blindfold you with social conditioning and squash your ability to create your own destiny.  (Note:  World leaders and politicians have been hiding this shocking truth from society for centuries)


·        Little-known secret value that…once installed…will force you on the path to unlimited success and happiness.  (Hint:  Women feast on this trait – far beyond anything else - to fulfill the insatiable hunger rumbling their raw, sexual feminine core).


·        How to finally uncover what it is you truly want… from deep within your subconscious core.  When this simple exercise is finished, your personal road-map to success will be laid out right before your eyes (As if Tyler did it for you!)


·        Astonishing “success tip” allows you to harness the power of your inner core…bulldozing through staggering hang-ups that block you from taking your game to the next level.  (This “missing link” in self development is what all successful men already have).


·        The brutally honest (and hyper-revealing) story of Tyler’s life hits closer-to-home then you ever expected.  Discover the step-by-step process he used to go from a life of utter, hopeless failure to the successful, self-actualized man he is today (which you can replicate easily).


·        Ancient life-changing mindset guarantees absolute mastery over uncertainty and fear of failure! (This timeless mindset has been adopted by the most powerful people in history…so easy to embrace, that your jaw will drop when you find out what it is.)


CD 4:  Discovery Of A New Paradigm


Smuggled out of an underground seminar in Mexico City, this exclusive gathering wound up being the elite training grounds of international guerrilla style” seduction strategists.


The Result:  A revolutionary breakthrough in understanding the difference between canned game, and the natural (and astonishingly powerful) game already inside of you.


Take this success road map with you as you embark upon your journey of ultimate sexual abundance, and glorious masculine pride.


And the map is spread out in chilling detail, revealing things like:


·        Shocking epiphany exposes how sticking points are born… and how to eliminate them quickly and easily!.  (PLUS…the SINGLE most important thing you can do to make sure they never come back.)


·        How to obliterate self-sabotaging parts of your reality that have been smothering your success with women (even if you don’t know they exist!)


·        Eye-popping insider secrets reveal – in exact detail - why pickup routines (regardless of their severe limitations) are popular…and how your success depends on never needing them again.


·        The 7 most essential traits of an “attractive man” – compiled over years of rare analysis – broken down in easy to use, simple terms that instantly reveal what has dwarfed your success with women…until now.


·        What “pickup lines” do for you and why they work…and how to get the same results of your BEST routines – all on your own -  in a cool, calm, collected sort of way (naturally, without “pretending” or putting up a “front”)


·        Unsettling truth behind “Button Pushing” …and the self-crippling fate it drowns you in.  Just imagine the thrill you will feel saying anything you want to a woman and instantly draw them into your authentic, attractive world.


·        How to obliterate reactivity – and its attraction crippling impact - from your life forever. 


·        Top 3 Principles attractive men live by…spawning the sexually abundant (and selective) lifestyle you crave.  Nail down these proven principles and experience what “sexual abundance” really means once and for all.


·        How to cultivate your reality into full-on sexual abundance and relationship bliss…So far beyond your wildest dreams, you’ll have to experience it yourself.


·        Easy emotional health exercise shocks your emotional hard-wiring into an ultra-positive frame.  So effective (and easy) that women will pick up on your new, attractive vibe immediately.


·        Eliminate approach anxiety forever with this little-known mental tweak that “naturals” are born with (and have been since the dawn of man.) 


·        Discover the one thing men do that irreversibly ruins their chances with women (before they even approach!)  and how to guarantee you’ll never possess this problem again.


·        How to offer massive value in every social setting…engaging women instantly…without having to try.


·        Amazing breakdown of “social status” finally sheds light on the bona fide meaning of “social value.”  You’ll grin proud knowing exactly how to handle any single social situation…regardless of how “high pressure” they may seem.


·        The missing link in our society (which exists every other culture in the world) that propels your growth as a man…and how to instill these missing values in your life with ease!


·        You will hear Tyler list out every single value he has…giving you a simple, do-it-yourself model which finally uncovers who you are at the very core.


·        Create a successful 5-step action plan (in minutes) as Tyler walks you through this results proven exercise…guaranteed to put you on the fast track to success instantly.


CD 5:  Magical Glass Wall


Tyler’s final edition to RSD Mastermind 2008 is his scientifically proven breakdown of how social value works…

…how to remove painful value-reactions from your life completely…

…and how to dominate the social matrix by exploiting every loophole imaginable.  If you would like to “crack the code” of the social matrix too, then this volume is a no-brainer for you to snatch up right away.

Shatter your own social “glass wall” almost overnight, with tactics like:


·        Breathtaking discovery refines the iron-clad definition of what it means to be “cool.”  (Such a mind-shaking epiphany that you’ll beg to go back to high school and laugh hysterically… as the “popular” kids beg to be your friend)


·        Why “naturals” bear a HUGE disadvantage to the self-actualized man you will become.  You’ll actually feel bad for them once you learn this one.


·        How to guarantee NEVER feeling alienated in a bar or nightclub again!.  This “behind-the-scenes” mastery will exalt your social status almost overnight.


·        Social secrets that eradicate all feelings of painful failure from your emotional frame forever. 


·        The shocking truth behind what types of people are accepted as “cool” and what types are not…and never will be.  (Just think how good it will feel to approach a group of girls and know – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that you are the coolest guy they will meet all night.)


·        Huge blunder most guys make when approaching!  Your good intentions can be dwarfed by laugher and rejection!


·        Avoid the pitfall of “wrapping a person up in your ego structure” with this new (and simple) approach to handling social interactions.  (Note:  This fatal mistake is the #1 reason people reject you regardless of any other redeeming qualities you may have…and is easier to fix then ever before).


·        Massive insights into Tyler’s “Secret Society” article reveal mind-warping new discoveries explaining how to “get in” to the cool crowd – regardless of social status – and reap the everlasting benefits of abundant sexual bliss.


·        Bittersweet realizations expose the hidden paradox surrounding self development.  This startling wake-up-call grants you the power of full control… over your dating life and more!


·        How to become fully self-contained almost overnight!  Say goodbye to outcome dependency and trying to live up to other people’s expectations with this fabulous –and ultra-effective- insight in human psychology.


·        Three simple steps to “guru like” success with women expose the “RSD Way” of pick-up for the first time.  (Hint - Just think how much fun you’ll have knowing why everyone automatically loves having you around.)


·        How to immediately radiate infectious positivity that stops beautiful women in their tracks… drawing everyone towards you like a high-powered super magnet!  (Go from introvert to extrovert in a split second, whenever you choose…or whenever you feel attraction!)


·        Expert “next level” insights offer incredible – and almost unbelievable – visions into what your life will be like once you have this stuff mastered.  So easily relatable you won’t question your inevitable – and life changing – total success with women.


·        Imagine feeling the power of social superiority over the people who intimidate you.  This closer-then-ever lifestyle is just minutes away when discovering “The Magical Glass Wall”


CD 6:  Introducing the Flawless Natural


The major buzz in RSD culture this year was the rapid launch of Timothy Richardson’s premier seminar masterpiece “The Flawless Natural”.  Tim’s groundbreaking video blog brought you hours of valuable lessons for learning how to attract women…by being yourself on purpose.


However, there were two things that Tim did NOT include at his sold-out Superconference that were valuable pieces to mastering the Flawless Natural Lifestyle.


Hidden “Flawless Natural” Secrets and more, such as:


·        New all-natural way to force-feed your emotions with positivity (the irresistible state that women lust after) launches you towards more successful approaches then you’d ever imagine.


·        The simple little tip that automatically insures your bad nights don’t get you down!  (Tim has this down – it’s the reason he’s known as probably the most talented “natural” dating coach alive.)


·        The correct way to walk into a nightclub…which instantly “turbo-charges” your state.  No more choding around ever! (Just think how much fun you’ll have OWNING any club you walk into.)


·        How to control your interaction so it never plummets into the dreaded “conversation land” (So instantly intentional, you’ll be able to communicate your raw, sexual magnetism in a snap…and never “creep out” a girl or scare her away!)


·        Powerful secret reveals what social conditioning forbids…yet women secretly crave! (This trick alone will prevent hundreds of painful rejections!)


·        How to avoid the devastating “relationship” role that scours your chances to bring a girl home that night…and what you can do RIGHT NOW to make sure it never happens again.


·        Amazing trick that instantly connects you with your core sexual intent! (Note – This *the* secret unconsciously known by every “natural” on the planet.)


·        Top 2 cornerstones of the Flawless Natural System divulged in astonishing detail.  Mastering these vital principles (strait from the source) will revolutionize the way you approach dating and women.


·        Avoid “spectator mode” forever with this new (and simple) mental tweak that forces you to snap into “player mode” at the drop of a hat!


·        International tactics that grant you the license to pick up girls in any country, anywhere around the globe!


·        Shocking truth reveals your natural attraction mechanism…wreaking havoc on your blind spots and forcing you to eradicate all sticking points standing in your way of dating majesty.


·        State enhancing exercise heightens your vibe to full blown self amusement, while still exuding sexual intent…WITHOUT turning you into a “dancing monkey boy.”



CD 7:  Day Game Mastery


Once upon a time, there was an incredibly charming southern-raised Indian boy that went by the name of “Saad.”  And in 2008, Saad was hand-picked by Tyler to lead Real Social Dynamics towards the promised land of unparallel day-game dating mastery.


Living in the heart of NYC – while training rigorously and traveling the world teaching hundreds of students in foreign countries – found the almost unexplainable (and somewhat mystical) secret keys to unlocking this hidden wealth of solid dating potential.


What Saad can do in the big apple is exactly what you can do in your major city, and you’d laugh your heart out at how simple and easy it is…


…once you know the secrets Saad reveals, for example:


·        Why meeting women during the day is actually 10-times EASIER then it is at night…and why it creates more solid, more personal, and more satisfying connections then you ever dreamed possible (This sizzling new breakthrough will seem so simple and obvious…yet so incredibly profound, that you’ll be SHOCKED the moment you hear what it is…)


·        How to guarantee women are begging for you to them approach during the day (So unbelievably clear that you will notice this EVERYWHERE once you know what to look for)


·        Why the single most common (and irreversible) mistake 99% of guys make in day game is also the easiest to fix…once you know this “insiders” secret.


·        Astonishing social insights reveal the number one thing women are looking for when meeting men…and why they LEAST EXPECT IT during the day (and most importantly…how you can use this secret to your advantage)


·        The number one reason girls flake when meeting them in the club (and why they almost never flake when you meet them during the day)


·        The most common limiting beliefs thwarting your day game efforts (This one is HUGE…if you DON’T know these you’re shooting yourself in the foot)


·        How to correctly approach a girl in a park…and a full breakdown of every way they could possibly react!  (And once you know what to expect, the rest of the conversation will run itself)


·        A technical breakdown of day game success rates…and what to expect no matter what the situation (This alone will be such a relief, your limiting beliefs will melt away like ice in the sun)


·        How to properly “plow” in day game and keep the conversation up-beat, positive, and in your full control (4 out of 5 guys get this completely wrong…but you won’t have to worry about it ever again)


·        How to be interesting to women in any public situation…no matter what type of woman she is (and the hotter the woman…the better this works)


·        A new (and simple) way to ensure deep, personal communication instantly, no matter what kind of interruptions or distractions stand in your way


·        How to escalate with “full intent” in broad daylight…WITHOUT coming across as creepy or weird! (You will use this nugget of gold for the rest of your life)


·        A SHOCKING new way to LEAD a woman in a shop, café, or bookstore (even if she continues to follow her OWN agenda)(I can’t even STRESS how important this will be…once you know how to do it)


·        The jaw-dropping KEY PHRASE you can use with EVERY girl you meet…instantly compelling her to follow you everywhere you go.


·        An “almost cheating” tactic for meeting girls ON THE STREET.  (I still can’t believe how powerful this is…and neither will you once you discover it for yourself)


·        The Top 3 places that guarantee an “instant date” automatically!   (She will follow you like a puppy-dog once you tell her where you’re bringing her)


·        How to turn an “instant date” sexual immediately regardless of what time of day it is.  (This can be terrifying for most men… if they DON’T know about this)


·        Why most “day 2’s” from day game never happen…even if the interaction seemed flawless…and exactly what to do (and say) to make her wait by her phone, anxiously hoping you’ll call.


·        The perfect voicemail to leave a girl…forcing her to fly out the door and meet you anywhere you please.


·         The ONLY way to approach “hired guns” during the day so effectively that they CAN’T WAIT to meet up with you IMMEDIATLY after their shift.


·        The one overriding secret to attain FULL COMFORT in both day game and night game! (Crucial secrets to improving your success forever…that you can’t live without)


CD 8:  Evolution Of Game


Todd was one of the very first executive coaches for Real Social Dynamics, starting back in the ‘Pro-Ho’ days, and has had permanent residence as a veteran instructor since day one.


As one of our most senior staff members, Todd has seen it all.  Over time, Todd has impressively managed to pin-point the hidden connection between using routine based game, and a more natural style of approach.


The mechanics are striking, and any man who’s ever dabbled in scripted routine-based game would be thrilled to get their hands on this CD by any means necessary.


Todd pulls back the curtains on tons of awe-inspiring dating insights, even revealing “secret weapon” sized strategies like:


·        Discover the 3 evolutionary phases of game since 2002 that have directly influenced your life (whether you know it or not!)


·        Astonishing insights in “canned” game reveal critical factors LOST in transition to a natural style…and how re-installing these “missing links” can supercharge your personality almost overnight!


·        A simple (yet critical) distinction between being “good” vs. being “effective” obliterates all result-botching tactics from your skill set immediately! (Most guys will be utterly blind to these self-defeating tendencies…but you’ll never have to worry about it again)


·        Expose (and eradicate) the “weakest link” in your game instantly with this little known self-analysis method only the “pros” know about!


·        How to install every hidden benefit of old-school “routines” WITHOUT all the pain-staking robotic blunders previously murdering your authenticity!


·        The two “non-game related” habits (both simple, both unknown by most men) that instill hyper-attractive energy in your personality without having to try!


·        A secret new technique (unknown even to men who are seen as “masterful naturals”) is guaranteed to lead your woman down a “sexual” path faster then anything else you could ever do!


·        Simple change in your approach can drastically help (or hinder) your closing rate!  (Get this part right, and you’ll never have to experience what poker players call “going on tilt” again!)


·        Why fear of success is as common as fear of failure…and a fast new way to stop it.


·        How canned game turned into natural game over time…and what critical factors were lost in transition (This is HUGE – learning these secrets alone can evaporate confusion in your mind forever)


·        Why “success by accident” can destroy your skill set and warp your perception beyond repair…and how to avoid this pitfall every time you go out!


·        Obliterate outcome dependence from your reality once and for all with this simple (but effective) “insiders” mental tweak that you can use instantly!


·        Most guys try to close the deal…but do it wrong!  Men’s lives have brightened considerably when they finally learn these 4 iron-clad characteristics of a “Consistent Closer.”


CD 9:  The Life Of An RSD Instructor


Think you got game?  Think again.


This is Jeffy like you’ve never seen him before.  With almost a DECADE of RSD Executive Coaching experience under his belt, this guy has literally seen it all before.


No matter where you are at right now, no matter whether you’re a recovering chump or total champ with girls, Jeffy will upgrade you to the “next” level of your ultimate dating potential.


A year after his debut smash-hit “The Jeffy Show”, Jeffy divulges everything he’s learned in over a year and a half…sparking up startling new insights into your personal evolution into sexual abundance…


…how to eradicate your blind-spots and sticking points permanently…


…and how to install the wisdom he’s acquired through his legendary journey as an RSD Instructor, quickly in your mind.


It’s a no-brainer, especially when adopting values like:


·        Why high profile clubs are the ultimate place to meet women - no matter what your skill level - and how to quickly amplify your game 10-fold….just with this secret alone!


·        A very simple tactic that thwarts your ego from devastating your night!  (ALL super-successful guys use this tactic, and yet it remains unknown to most men.)


·        The truth behind honest success with women – and why most men blow it right before they get the girl!


·        How a 48 year old obese hipster got a beautiful woman to promise him sex before they even left the club!  (Hint – You’ll never give yourself an excuse again, once you hear what this guy went through!)


·        The secret to RSD’s infamous “Nimbus” explained in full detail…plus the never-before-revealed “second step” of the equation that you CANNOT afford to miss.


·        How to quickly radiate with contagious positivity every time!  (Hint – Even top neuroscientists at the Florida Institution have proven why this works…and Jeffy will show you *how*)


·        How to magically bypass logic and instantly ignite her emotions with burning lust!  (This is surprisingly easy to do, once you know the secret...)


·        The truth behind “Plowing” and why 99% of guys do it WRONG!


·        How to quickly internalize social vibes in any situation…giving you “Don Juan” like social mastery at even the most high-end venues!


·        How the shocking “rhythm” secret (revealed by Bruce Lee in martial arts) that gives you an “unfair” seductive advantage over every man alive!


·        The number one mistake even seasoned veterans make that botch your intentions from blasting full steam ahead!(Note – This simple realization might just be all it takes to “un-kink” the hose… and let your sexual magnetism flow.)


·        How to trust yourself (without question) and move with liquid-smooth charisma from the club… all the way to your bed.


·        How to ascend from “good” to world-class “Elite” with a hidden mental tweak most guys completely ignore.  Get this right and there’s nothing else stopping you from the sexual abundance you crave.


·        Top 5 Goals of Jeffy’s most Advanced student and how to easily create your own.  (This is “mission critical” for your success with women and affects your ENTIRE LIFE…but it’s a *snap* once you know how its done.) 


CD 10:  Christophe


Rumors from the RSD Weekly Newsletter tell tales of a tiny little Frenchmen dashing through the streets of San Francisco, pulling off the most out-of-this-world seduction stunts that the U.S. has ever seen.


And the rumors are true.


Christophe, one of RSD’s most inspiring executive coaches, is only about 5 feet tall and has dealt with being a shorter guy his entire life.  Conquering the physical cards he was dealt, Christophe shows us all that “size doesn’t matter” what-so-ever when it comes to seducing the hottest women in the world.


If you’re a guy who’s not too thrilled by your own physical conditions, this CD may be the one thing that turbo-charges your primal masculinity in monster-sized leaps and bounds.


Christophe’s deep level of understanding is easily broken down into bare-boned basics, especially when he mentions…


·        How to make your OWN seduction method!  Learn how to discover what *really* works for you…and how to discard the rest!  (Note – Most guys do this wrong!  It’s actually incredibly easy, once you learn the secret)


·        The number-one reason why girls flake on men – so easy to fix – that you’ll be drowning in more “high quality” phone numbers then you’ll know what to do with!


·        The “real” reason why routines – while may be fun – won’t get you laid NEARLY as much as taking this one “top secret” authentic style of approach!


·        Discover how going out *alone* (the “right” way) will skyrocket your game 10-fold…and a 3-step simple trick that launches your “solo” game to a Master Jedi level, literally overnight!


·        How to adapt to a venue’s energy level - with ultra-precise calibration - the second you walk in the door!


·        How to give 100% of yourself to women at all times, and what you will get back in return!  (Warning:  When done properly, women will be unusually interested in you…and this new attention may be overwhelming.  But Christophe breaks this down in simplistic, easy-to-handle terms that help you embrace your new success)


·        The biggest problem men face in meeting women - Solved!  You’ll be slack-jawed in awe to discover what’s been botching you this whole time…and even MORE surprised to see how quick (and easy) it is to fix!


·        Unravel the mysterious “H” factor thwarting your self esteem at every turn, and learn how to accept yourself for who YOU ARE!  (Note – The “H” factor is different for every man, but its simple to identify instantly once you know how)


·        Learn step-by-step how to turn and iPhone into the “perfect” wingman!  Discover how to use this – and many other pickup “trinkets” – to your ultimate seductive advantage…especially when dealing with her unsupportive (and unwanted) success blocking friends!


·        EXPOSDED:  A once “classified” top-secret opener that instantly *SNAPS* you into a social mindset 100% of the time!


·        The single – and most effective - craft to learn OUTSIDE of seduction that will eliminate approach anxiety from your life forever!


·        The top-6 most important things to life by, that will fill your cup OVERFLOWING with sexual selection before you even know it!  (Note – This is Christophe’s personal motto…and if it worked for him, it will most certainly work for you)


CD 11:  Alex


You wanted the “NU RSD”, you got it.

Alexander~ is here to rip the lid off of the brand new (and mega-successful) “Action Alpha” heat-wave sweeping RSD Nation like a tactical firestorm.  You’ve never seen Alex this raw – or this brutally honest – in anything he’s ever recorded before.

We’re talking “beyond” the realm of pickup – into relationship land – and what every guy who’s serious about making the most out of their girlfriends should know.  Alex shows no mercy on his questions from RSD Nation…

…ripping deep into the heart of the most personal (and most universal) issues plaguing men today…

…and dousing all of your internal “natural game” obstacles as faster than they seem to come!

Get LOTS of Alex’s secret insights into stuff like:


·        Jaw dropping “power” secret draws the defining line between “alpha males” and “beta males” for good!  (Note – NOT knowing this secret is what makes a man “beta” in the first place)


·        Alex reveals the most personal (and wickedly effective) self-motivators that have blasted his own game far beyond a level of sexual success that most men cannot even comprehend!


·        How to quickly judge a girl as “commitment worthy” or not!  (Hint - This easy-to-implement tactic can save months of agonizing pain that a bad relationship can almost guarantee to cause.)


·        How to break up with a girl with zero risk what-so-ever!  No drama in your life…once Alex hands you this life-saving nugget of “girlfriend” handling gold!


·        The truth behind “settling down”…and the number one thing that MUST happen before you ever even consider it!

·        How to reveal your “type” of girl quickly, and exactly what to do about it!  (Note – This is NOT what you think…but not knowing this secret will torment you for the rest of your dating life)


·        An instantly valuable tip that any man with that “special” girl on his mind must learn immediately, unless he wants to guarantee utter failure in the long-term!


·        The Game: Shocking Truth Revealed – The number one bad-habit botching any man playing the “game” must know that can destroy your game for good!


·        2 Step Method for being successful with women…so brain-dead simple…that most men who try it find a major “breath of fresh air” in their dating life!


·        The hidden secret to going out alone!  Turn social anxiety to seductive rocket-fuel quickly and dominate the bar scene like the alpha male you truly are!  (Note – Going out solo can seem terrifying for most men, but this massive breakthrough will shatter your fears the second you hear it!)


·        Self Amusement Secrets – Alex goes OFF on an exciting rant of possible ways to snap yourself into the lust-pumping state that makes successfully “lording the club” an easy walk in the park!


·        The Instant “Dangers” of bringing your natural friends into the Game!  (Hint – If you do this wrong, you can ruin your natural friendships…but that will never happen, once you know what Alex says here)


·        How to make “wings” with other guys…what compatibility signals to look for…and how to build your own pickup “team” in simple step-by-step details!


·        Alex Tells All -  Experience Alex dive deep into his past…pulling out every skeleton out of his dating closet…and sharing the wisdom he learned from it all in chilling detail!


·        How To Erase Outcome Dependence from your autopilot programming faster than you could delete a needy girl’s phone number!


·        A simple tip to ignite instant conviction in your primal man-core (quickly removing any doubt in your mind) that launches you towards scoring more model-hot women then you’ve ever dreamed possible!


CD 12:  The Verbal Attraction Advantage


We all know that being dominant is the most effective way to attract a girl, but in most common daily situations, getting physical fast might not be your best option.


At work…on a plane…waiting in line at the supermarket, the list goes on and on.  When your verbal game is your only weapon at hand, and you’ve run into a super-hottie that you would absolutely love to have lusting after you as fast as you can, your verbal game must be super-tight, or she’s gone forever, fast.


Ryan has analyzed this concept with more precision than a mad scientist trying to splice DNA.  From his extensive multi-language European dating experiences to his boling down of verbal game at home in the USA, Ryan has brought you a simple step-by-step system for how verbal game works, how to attract women with nothing but your words, and what it takes to talk your way into any woman’s sexual fantasy.


Enjoy raw, uninhibited NATURAL OUTER-GAME tactics you can use instantly, and see results the very same night.


Ironically, its incredibly easy to do, especially once you know secrets like:


·        The Three key themes to verbal attraction, how they work, and how you can use them to turbo charge your game with seductive fury faster than you ever dreamed possible!


·        How to use “Tetris Theory” –a little known attraction technique -  to ignite burning desire in any girl you talk to…only seconds after you meet!


·        The hidden secrets of the “4 way brain process” crack-the-code of how value and attraction work in conversation…and how to use this futuristic “game genie” to by-pass YEARS of fumbling confusion in your pickup practice.


·        How to use multiple threads – 100% naturally -WITHOUT sounding like a cheesy canned-game “pickup artist” or seductive conman! (Hint – This “seductive snowball effect” will have women dripping over your every word)


·        INTRODUCING:  “The Curveball” – a revolutionary new pickup tactic guaranteed to make any girl’s jaw drop with awe!


·        How to use “Double Stacking” in your natural game!


·        The infamous “Wrong Answer” technique that instantly spikes a girls emotion 10-times harder than anything else you could possibly say!  Bring this nugget of pickup gold out with you, and laugh about it as the girl of your choice follows you home like a puppy dog.


·        How to communicate positive reference experiences – the number ONE thing that most men screw up completely and lose the girl 99% of the time!  But you will never have to worry about doing this again, once Ryan shows you how its done.


·        A simple way to use the “Ambiguous Question” tactic to command control over your conversations with a girl!  (Hint – This one little secret will tweak your game enough to give you Godzilla-like advantages to crush your competition!)


·        A quick technique (once “inner circle” only) to easily spark Contagious Emotions in your girl that forces her inner cave-woman to swoon over you with breathless lust within minutes of approach!


·        How to almost “magically” communicate your sexual intentions in the most non-threatening way humanly possible!


·        A completely new way to use “Future Projections” to get HER to contribute as much as possible!  (Note -  This secret leads to an instant bond of trust and comfort that may even SHOCK yourself the first time you try it)


·        The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of seduction that most men completely ignore!  (Hint – NOT knowing these things is pickup suicide for every man alive)


And That’s Only Scratching The Surface…


As they say, “there’s a million ways to skin a cat”, and in some respect, that’s partially true.  But, no matter how many ways you try, you will always find – no matter what – that there is only one way that is right for you.


Look, in order to succeed on the “fast track” of natural game, you MUST ask questions to people who have already worked hard through your same issues themselves. 


Imagine getting super-solid (and easily implementable) answers to tough questions like:


·        How do you "be the party" and not fall into the dancing monkey trap?


·        Could you explain "higher value" vs "everyone is equal"?


·        Is social value like a rating on a latter, where you must stomp on another person to move up?


·        Is social value relative to the individuals you are competing with?


·        What is your internal state, thought patterns, and actions when people break rapport with you?


·        What do you consider to be a "value giver?"


·        How do you deal with burnout?


·        What are you two most "bang for you buck" one must internalize how to be a natural, and does one go about internalizing these?


·        Why do certain guys get so upset when they see another guy evolving?


·        How does "being your own guru" fit in with learning and modeling the best?


·        Where do you find the motivation to keep growing once you fully accept yourself?


·        What can I do to become one of the best in the game?


·        How can I make my progress more consistent?


·        How can I improve the "rapport" part of my game?


·        How do I get myself motivated?


·        Is it possible to be "in state" ALL the time?


·        Do you have any exercises to become genuinely "unreactive?"


·        How do you become the type of person who is constantly challenging and overcoming their fears?


·        What are some of the steps I can take from playfully touching, to the kind of stuff that actually triggers sexual attraction in a woman?


·        When you meet a girl in a bar or club, and things are going very well, how to you know when to go for a one night stand or settle for her number?


·        How do I become friends with high value guys while still being a value giver?


·        How did you get so good at approaching mixed sets and what do you recommend specifically?


·        How do i get over the fear of being rejected and become the laughing stock of my peer group?


·        Have you ever been accused of being "too smooth?"


·        How can express my core alone like I do when I'm out with wings?


·        Where should I take a girl on an "instant" date?


·        Why can't I get "day 2's" out of day game?


·        How should I get girls to introduce me to their female friends?


·        How would I game in a "no talking" environment, such as a computer lab or library?


·        What are some tips on going for same night lays?


·        How do I stop judging people?


·        How do you reduce your flake rate?


·        What are some smooth ways to get a girl you just met from a social circle to introduce you to their female friends?


·        What are some good things to say to pull a girl home? 


·        How important do you see forums in the development of a player?


·        How do I combine being self amusing with strong sexual intent?


·        What is your personal motivation and how do you control it?


·        How and when do I pull a girl for a same night lay?


·        How do I get more consistent pulls?


·        What is motivation and how do you control it?


·        How do you define success with women?


·        How do you be in the moment when going out alone?


·        How can I get my natural buddies more excited to watch DVDs with me so he can better understand me in the field?


·        What are good ways to make "wings?"


·        What do you recommend to try out once as a hobby?


·        How long does it take to newest RSD instructors to reach the level they're on?


·        What was your overall sticking point that haunted you all of these years?


Ever ask yourself one of these questions?  ANY of these questions?  Would the answer to even ONE of these questions make sense of anything boggling your brain?

If so, then you’ll be relieved to get ALL of these…


47 Questions From RSD Mastermind Members

Answered In Chilling Detail!


If you still want to talk about statistics, know that’s almost statistically impossible for you to have NOT asked yourself the same types of questions at least at some point along the way, or will NOT ask yourself one of these questions in the near future.

What if finding the answer is the ONE THING that finally pushed you over the edge – plowing through stagnate plateaus in your game – and kicking it up a notch to come play the game with the big boys and girls….where you will dominate them all?


Now, how much would that be worth to you?  Any man who’s ever felt vicious anger or hateful frustration in their dating life would kill for information like this - from so many unique and easily relatable sources – because they understand the value that finally mastering your life with women for good cannot be put into a monetary form. 


This level of success is god-honestly priceless…making any short-cut path to reaching it infinitely worth more than your sex drive’s weight in gold. 


You cannot put a price tag on the power of sexual choice, especially when it means discovering the intensely more satisfying deeper relationships you get in with women that you’ve never had before.


(Note – Everything you’ve learned up until now has prepared you to step out of the “pick up” realm and into the world of fulfilling sexual relationships and the ultimate power to choose your mate in life.)


How much would you pay?  $17,000?  Ten thousand?  Five?  Maybe even a smooth One-Thousand dollars to dive deep head first into RSD’s most successful Mastermind’s in seduction history?


 Most guys wouldn’t think twice.  But, we’ve decided to release this 12-Disc RSD Mastermind 2008 package bundle for a fraction of what you’d expect it to cost.


Right now, you can have everything you’ve seen today – an entire year’s worth of personal dating coaching tailored for you, the individual - for only $300.


NOTE:  There is only one major downside to this offer - Unfortunately, there is a severely limited supply, and judging by the unexpectedly popular demand for every single back-issue, we cannot guarantee this offer will last through the night.


Once the remaining supply of RSD Mastermind 2008 are gone, we’re packing up shop and closing down this offer for good.  At this time, we have absolutely no plans to produce another run at 2008, and will focus only on improving RSD Mastermind for 2009.


In other words, you MUST got on this RIGHT NOW if you hope to ever see it again.  And I wish I were just trying to pull your chain on this one, but unfortunately, I’m being 100% sincere.

Any program that you see from an RSD Executive Coach is specifically geared for people who work on improving themselves… a lot.

It’s spoken in a language where when you’re actually *doing the work* it will resonate with you more than anything else you’ve ever experienced.

As a condition of getting your hands on this program, you have to set an absolute, inviolable standard for yourself that you will commit to implementing what’s been taught to the fullest extent.

I don’t care what level you’re at, or what level you’re trying to get to.

Clueless newbie or advanced mega playboy, it doesn’t matter.

You have to have a clear vision of what you want to get out of this, and then commit to finding the value within the experience.

If you do, it will be one of the most valuable resources you’ve ever been exposed to…

It Doesn’t Matter How Good, How Bad, Or How Repulsively Ugly You Think Your Dating Life Has Become…

The best way that I can put it to you is like this…

Real Social Dynamics has been around for a long time.

Over the past years every-single-instructor has worked with every-single-type of student…

…from the most “super advanced players” (who continually request him because he’s one of the few teachers visibly BETTER than anyone)...

…right down to the most SCREWED UP and emotionally dysfunctional people on the planet.

I don’t care who you are…  How good it is that you *think* you are, or how much it is that you brutally suck.

With your own personal league of extraordinary gentlemen sticking closely by your side (every step-of-the-way) you cannot lose.  Ask any man who’s taken a Bootcamp with any one of the instructors below, and he will tell you the exact same thing.

I’ve got to urge you to check out the list of rabid testimonials below, because you need to clearly understand what the stakes are for you.

Because the pain can be unbelievably devastating if – like most men who use canned game – you finally realize that your relationships suck horribly…because you’ve run out of “material” to say.

Look, conquering your dating life is the most important thing you can do as a man in society. 

The Key Points Are These:

1)      The more professional opinions you get on something, the more likely it is you will find the answer you seek.

2)      When 8 Talented Mastermind Gurus each share his most nerve-shattering secrets of attracting and seducing women – overloading you with their specialties – it slashing your natural game with a clean slice right through your learning curve…forcing you to advance twice as fast as most men.

3)      You have nothing to lose (and everything to gain) by tackling your primal and masculine sexual nature and harnessing your true seductive powers.

4)      The RSD Mastermind 12-Disc Collection is a unique blend of success-proven methods you will not find anywhere else and its wisdom is being offered to you with a 100% money back guarantee.

…And of Course, You’ll Also Get Additional Bonuses:

Something I’ve always noticed is that people always love bonuses…

It just gives you that novel Christmas type feeling of unwrapping something new.

And when they’re actually useful, it makes the deal that much sweeter.

Check it out...

Bonus #1:

·         Exclusive $400 Discount Certificate for an RSD Superconference, a live program held regularly in major cities world-wide, which will be chocked-full of confidential dating strategies you only learn at Superconference (and you will get detailed dating strategy notes to make sure that you follow up post program and remember everything).

400 discount

Bonus #2:

·         A 30-minute private one-on-one phone consultation with a Real Social Dynamics phone coach to help guide you on the right path towards success with the women you’ve always wanted (a $97 value).

30 min consult

Bonus #3:

·         For those of you who purchase the RSD Mastermind 12-Disc Collection between January 21, 2009 – February 4, 2009, you will be invited to attend a LIVE 4 Hour Customer Appreciation Seminar to help guide you on the right path towards success with the women you’ve always wanted (a $197 value).

We are so Confident You’ll Love This Program That We’ll Shoulder ALL The Risk Involved – You Get A Complete, No BS, 100% Money Back Guarantee…

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your own personal copy of the RSD Mastermind 12 Disc Collection, I’ll refund your money. It’s that simple. FULL REFUND.

No catches.  No nonsense.  I only ask one thing.

Watch the ENTIRE program. You will get so much value that you’ll be dying to race out the door to the nearest bar, and hit up the first stunning woman you see.

But if you were raised on the moon and don't agree, just let me know what went wrong and make sure I receive the course(s) back from you within 30 days of your purchase - I'll be happy to issue you a refund. All I ask is that the course (s) you return are as you received them - no scratches, dents,  handwriting, or other damage to the discs, binder, or Powerpoint slide print-offs.

The RSD Mastermind 12-Disc Collection is the boost to your success with women you’ve been praying for. All you have to do to reserve your copy of the RSD Mastermind 12 Disc Collection... it's that easy.

I just cannot think of any other way to POSSIBLY make it easier or more low risk for you.

When you signup, you'll be taken to a secure order page where you can order your copy of the RSD Mastermind 12 Disc Collection -  (just use a valid credit or debit card for your order - you can pay by mail or PayPal, as well – we’ll send you the program as soon as it’s cleared).

Once you get it, go through it from beginning to end. You will see INSTANTANEOUS RESULTS, and you WILL start sparking more rapid attraction with hot women.

Get the RSD Mastermind 12 Disc Collection RISK-FREE. If you decide that it's not for you - for ANY REASON – just make sure I receive it back from you within 30 days of your purchase and that the product(s) are in the condition as described above.  Done. 

Once you decide that you love the program, you’re going to be so psyched that you made the right choice.

I truly want to help you get the women you deserve. I get emails every day from guys who’ve had their lives changed by this advice.  They’re enjoying success they never thought possible. I want to see you get these results too.

Now is the best time to get this area of your life handled so signup now and set yourself on a path of momentum towards the success you've always wanted with beautiful women in your life.

   Your Dating Success Coaches and Friends,

P.S.  I guarantee that you will find no program that is better for you in your education on success with attracting and dating women. And to give you a glimpse of what all the fuss is about…



Discover How You Can Join the Thousands Who Achieved Their Goals in Attracting Gorgeous Women By Hearing Their Success Stories Straight From the Original Source

Video Success Story #1

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Video Success Story #2

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Video Success Story #3

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Video Success Story #4

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Video Success Story #5

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Best Success Story #1

Over the last year or two, some REALLY killer cats have been making names for themselves helping guys learn how to meet women, and I want to really thank and acknowledge them for what they're doing.

Some of the guys I've met and talked to over the last year or so include Tyler and Papa who do workshops all over the world as well. These guys represent the CUTTING EDGE of knowledge when it comes to meeting women, and you can't go wrong investing your time and money with them.

They are all insightful and damn sharp. One thing I appreciate about ALL of these guys is that they are not only good teachers, but they're good in the REAL WORLD with REAL WOMEN. These guys I've just mentioned are the real deal. They're direct, to the point, and results-oriented.

It's exciting to me to see more and more guys stepping up and helping other guys get this area of their lives handled and bringing awesome original ideas and thinking to the game.

A big realization that I've had over the last few years is that most guys who are seeking information and wisdom about meeting women are GOOD GUYS. They're honest, ethical people who want to meet honest, ethical, interesting, attractive women in the long-run.

You will feel happier and more fulfilled when you're becoming the kind of person you want to be and realizing your own personal potential.

David Deangelo, "Double Your Dating"

Best Success Story #2

Watching and listening to Tyler explain the game was also fascinating, as his in-depth understanding of social dynamics is rare in the seduction community.

You have to be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and approach a wide variety of groups of women - including groups where women may be with guys, parents, you name it.

Combine that with the opportunity to ask instructors questions where they answer based on their vast experience and your game can improve significantly in a very short period.

Cliff K. of Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Best Success Story #3

What Tyler, Papa and other instructors brought to the table was so powerful and it filled many of all the holes that were missing for me and the 12 guys from [the RSD LIVE Training Programs] ...

Wow! I've never met anyone who theorized the game exactly as Tyler does. Would I recommend this workshop as one of the best out there? Yes! Would the guys in my [RSD LIVE Training Program] recommend it as well, all 12 of them that attended?


I was wing for Tyler when he got a phone number of a super fine 19 year old woman...Tyler would turn to me and say where he was in the game.

He would say "She's unlocked", "Indication of Interest.", "She's feeling attraction", "Phase shift to rapport", "She's qualifying herself."

The girls were so into him, they didn't pay any attention to the instruction that he was teaching me right in front of the woman.... I have never been with anyone that had such confidence in his game that he could narrate what was happening and not worry about it affecting the outcome. That is SOLID GAME!

Craig E. from San Francisco, CA, USA

Best Success Story #4

This seminar and workshop thoroughly impressed me. I was left absolutely convinced that Tyler and his crew's game is every bit as tight as they claim. On the first day of the workshop Tyler and other instructors demonstrated that beyond a doubt.

We watched them walk over to two girls with a guy and walk away with a girl each approximately two minutes later. Then, we saw Tyler and his wing that night blatantly parading girls past us, yelling across Leicester Square in front of the girls "We're off to go home with these girls now."

Which is what Tyler and his wing reported back to us the next day is exactly what happened. So, I guess the next question you might have is "Well, it is OK if Tyler can do it - but how well can he teach us how to do what he does?"

The answer, I'd say, is "Very well. "

Tyler has a field-honed eye for spotting the obvious things that most guys have never seen simply because they are so obvious.

Tyler covers everything in linear order, starting with a brief segment on inner game (an hour or two) before dealing with the skill-set side of the process in the remainder of the seminar, in order from opener to full close.

The material gets VERY advanced at times - picking-up girls from right under the noses of their dates, anyone? I think it is quite easy to read about the material and still not get it. There were things I thought I'd understood that I now see a lot differently having heard them directly and seen them in action.

Until this weekend I really don't think I had properly grasped what Tyler's model of pickup was really all about. Odd sentences here and there that Tyler would throw out made me have "Ah ha!" moments that brought lots of pieces together.

Adrian D. from London, England

Best Success Story #5

The seminar with Papa was something that totally changed my life. I feel more confident. He is a genius pickup-artist and a good teacher. His strategies have given me new insights and I have a whole different world with women right now.

I believe I have a whole different level of success with women now. I was in San Francisco and I would like to thank the instructors for helping me out. I could see that he wanted to really teach me and his caring came through his sincerity.

Harsh B. from Mumbai, India

Best Success Story #6

To me, instruction in the field was all-important in order to get a feel for the material. Each day, after about 6 hours of Tyler spewing wisdom, it would begin click into place as Tyler, Papa, and instructors demonstrated the material and winged with the students.

This is where the critical subtleties of the material really came through. As a small example, I didn't really get how to angle my body to match her level of engagement until Papa reminded me and showed me a couple times.

After I had done it a few times, it just stuck and now it's something I do without thinking about it.

One of the highlights of the weekend was [seducing a women] on the second night after 2 hours of winging with Papa. Also, getting back home and demonstrating the material to my friends has been great fun.

Now, I have the tools now to approach anyone, anywhere now, and that is exactly what I wanted to get out of this workshop.

Mike D. from Seattle, Washington, USA

Best Success Story #7

I've come such a long way in my own game. 6 months ago I was feeling nervous as hell when I first approached a 2 women in a club. I hesitated for 5 minutes, then all I did was say "Hi!" and eject.

Guys, JUST THAT was an incredible rush for me. And my wing thought I was the shiznit! I had less than zero game. Nowadays, it's easy to open sets and have fun getting chicks attracted. I've become a lot more social and enjoy life more so than anytime in my past.

So the solution is to get in the field and add a new piece to my game. Guys, this stuff can only be internalized IN THE FIELD. Don't waste time like I used to do and try to learn everything at home before attempting an approach. Get out and have fun!

Hansel T. from Los Angeles, CA

Best Success Story #8

I expected a non-stop frat-house party, but the guys are extremely focused on their work and professionalism seemed to trump any ideas of staying up all night partying.

I guess their daily lifestyle is such a party, that when they're on the road doing seminars and workshops they are extremely focused on the students. Anyone who hasn't seen these guys in the field and reads these stories about the stuff they pull off and then wonders if it really goes down like that-- yes it's all real.

These guys are amazing. It seems like there is no set [of women] that they cannot break into. Sometimes it's wild to watch.

Alex V . from Brooklyn, NY, USA

Best Success Story #9

Last weekend I went to the San Diego workshop...I was totally blown away. There is no underestimating the game these guys have. It’s incredible to see how tight game can get and what is really possible.

Just witnessing these guys in action with sets was worth the price of admission many times over. The reactions they get from women are incredible and far beyond what I had ever seen. They are playing the game on a totally different level than I had imagined was possible.

They weren’t just writing or talking about it, they were doing sets with me and I was seeing first hand exactly how tight game could be. For those guys who might be new to [this material] or who might not have tried this stuff in the field, let me just say THIS WORKS!!!

Brian V. from Los Angeles, CA, USA

Best Success Story #10

These guys have the looks of a Regular Joe...When I met the Instructors I actually couldn't believe these were masters. Hell no. One of the instructors and I opened up several sets on my first night.

His game was so strong that he thought nothing of turning to me (in the middle of conversations with hot babes) and telling me not to lean in "cause its weak, dude!", or "hey man did you catch the indication of interest from her?".

Groups of women that I failed to engage, he actually went and re-opened them successfully - he didnt care what they thought! If you ever have an opportunity to wing with this guy take brought my game along loads. Oh...and his secret? Repetition is the mother of perfection.

He engages attractive women from walkups 4 hours a day every day, taking what he learns onto the streets, and polishing his material--and within a year he become serious hot stuff (oh, and a regular joe...). I hope to learn lots from him again one day soon.

Everything these instructors write about and teach is field tested at least 50 times live in the field on real women.

Mark from London, England

Best Success Story #11

Here is the my field report for the RSD seminar. I personally found the seminar and workshop, to be exceptional. I absolutely loved the course. I can speak for both my wingman and myself, and say that our respective games went through the roof.

I think if I was still in Melbourne, I would taken at least another 6 months, before I get to where I am today. RSD have another course in LA called Project Hollywood.

Project Hollywood, will allow you to [approach beautiful women] for three days solid with the instructors. You will stay at their mansion in Hollywood and literally live and breath this culture. So later this year, I will make a trip out to Hollywood and take my game to the next level.

David L. from Melbourne, Australia

Best Success Story #12

I was going to Seattle to learn the mechanics of the pickup game ,but had no idea that I would get way more.  First of all, it was incredibly impressive seeing all the [instructors] that got a very tight game which was demonstrated to us in real clubs night after night

The Real Social Dynamics Instructors give you a lecture how things should be and how things should work, but really show. 

Second, probably most unexpected thing that happenned was that a lot of intricate details were uncovered of how man/woman relationship works, how social perception makes a difference, how to be alpha & even over-alpha other guys. 

This was comparable to waking up after a long sleep

Seems like all the social conditioning starting with about 5 year old and until now needs to be undone.  I was sitting in the workshop and getting a shock every few minutes as the Real Social Dynamics Instructors explained yet another situation that happenned to me before.

Third, outcome is that I instantly started to behave differently around women. Now it's only around social circle and all the women in services (those in coffee shops, flight attendants, waitresses, store people, etc.). 

Now I need to get off my ass and start gaming.  My confidence is there now but mental masturbation will only end up in an endless cycle, practice is what separates the good players from all the people that are able to bullshit about the game.

After the workshop... I started to change internally.  It's amazing how someone telling you it's okey to be selfish, and be yourself, and being an a**hole is fine if you're got a high status (in fact it shows your high status) and you're THE MAN.  This is the main thing I took from the workshop. 

When you want to attract girls, there's no point in fearing girls, their men, or yourself.  It's all a game anyway. An example of changes I'm going through is that I've lost a lot of fear in general.  I've just been skiing in a whole new way.  I don't stop at the top of a double-diamond slope to plan all the moves. 

Remember the 3 second rule... I don't have any pause at all.  I just go!  On top of that, I look for extra adventure, like going around trees, taking hardest route, etc. And the beauty of it is that I still have full control over the situation, although I might not know what happens in the next 5 seconds.

Alex W. from Seattle, Washington, USA

Best Success Story #13

Two full days of this was great. Just the stuff I needed to hear. But sooo much information I had to get internalised. I had to see it in the field, used and practiced, to have it whenever I need it. It's not magic. It's just like learning to ride a motorcycle. He gave us an image of himself and how to be charismatic.

He was very non-threatening. People in the past who I've noticed were successful with women were the same way. He had us dozen or so guys completely captivated. It's the freedom to date anyone you want.

And in life, it's about connecting with an awesome group of people, learning how to learn, getting what you want, being alpha or whatever, and about being happy and fulfilled- no regrets.

These guys are there to back you up the whole way if you need it.

Jerry R . from Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Best Success Story #14

I learned to open without fear of the end of the set. I can walk away from a set without thinking badly of the outcome. The seminar structure is excellent. Geoff addressed image and was very supportive in uplifting support...Mike was very fast and answered all my questions...

Randy had a very positive attitude. He is very good at explaining what is taking place...Second night was better than the first night. The W was great. I didn't perceive the same difficulty as my classmaters. Thank you Papa for the story telling exercises. It helped me greatly on storytelling. I know what to look for.

Papa, thanks for challenging me. I need to be pushed harder. Having Tyler along was awesome. He's the smiling guy. I'm a natural smiler so I'd think I keyed in with him. Later that evening, I started to understand the dynamics of value levels and the techniques to work value levels...

He forced me to start sets, which was better from other instructors starting sets because I am notable to get in the way...Geoff pointed out that I've now got the natural vibe well. I find it difficult not to stay quiet when winging with him. Same could be said with Mike...Awesome...

"The World"...I learned to keep talking after the opening. I also forced myself to get with a girl. Even without something to say, I forced myself to talk. The material, physical connection, and closing was concise and simple.

OVERWHELMING - the first two days was very difficult for me to engage conversation. My goals for sets was helpful to force me to use the same attract tactics while instructors were wings...Geoff was awesome. His personal debrief was exactly what I needed. Every evening, I got positive feedback...Randy was funny as hell. I didn't question his opening sets anymore. He gave very good suggestions on what to say next after the opening.

Victory K. from Oxnard, CA, USA

Best Success Story #15

I had an awesome time this weekend and I learned more about [meeting women] in 3 days than I did from reading articles [on meeting girls] for 2 years.  It's amazing how much my game has improved over the weekend. 

There was some kinda nuclear explosion that took place when my natural game and the materials started to blend.  1000% wouldn't be an exaggeration.

Lee L. from Washington D.C., USA

Best Success Story #16

I recommend this Workshop to people who are looking to take their game to the next level...just meeting these guys I can now go out everyday and approach 4 sets of chicks and get them attracted.

Dan H. from New York, NY, USA

Best Success Story #17

In regards to fashion and lifestyle, the guys really helped me understand what I needed to change and why – which helped me identify what was missing from my previous look. The feedback I’ve been getting about my vocal projection, tonality, and emotional expressiveness has been hard to take at times, but I appreciate the fact that the guys keep driving those points home and that they strike a good balance between being challenging and supportive. This was a great experience – one of the best things I’ve ever done and exactly what I needed to get my game up to the speed I want it to be right now. Plus, the tools and techniques I learned will allow me to evaluate my game more effectively going forward since I now have a much better idea of what I should be paying attention to and where my sticking points are. I also wanted to say that I love the fact that the instructors are not only knowledgeable, but great, caring, and ethical guys as well.

David G. from Las Vegas, NV, USA

Best Success Story #18

I don't even know where to begin. Gratitude is most definitely in order. Prior to Bootcamp, I was socially ignorant. I could approach women, but I never said or did the right thing. After Bootcamp, I feel like a completely different person. I'm still me, but when it comes to approaching women & being in social situations, I am now the best of me. You have passed on a skill that's allowed me to be more confident in approaching women. I've been able to "sell myself" & appeal to women. Everything I've feared before now seems ridiculous. Where were you guys when I was in high school? Your company is here now, & I am so glad that I decided to take your course. I discovered that Real Social Dynamics are a group of guys that started off similarly to me & got so fed up w/ the dynamics of dating that they decided to do something about it. Your work has helped me out in ways I can't even express. Thank you...thank you...thank you.

Earl K. from Los Angeles, CA, USA

Best Success Story #19

I just did the Real Social Dynamics Bootcamp in LA this weekend. I want to say that it is a great program...LA has a very aggressive club/bar scene...But this is good, more or a challenge.

Taylor R. from Los Angeles, CA, USA

Best Success Story #20

I came in with high expectations, but still left blown away. The value comes from: (1) seeing physical things demonstrated, (2) hearing the tonality and pace of the delivery, (3) seeing the facial expressions used, and (4) somehow just from having the stuff explained by a live person rather than reading about it makes a huge difference. I didn't think it would - I'm the kind of person that NEVER takes courses, cos I figure I can always just buy a book on something and teach myself… the difference between reading a post and seeing it demonstrated - the impact is 10 times stronger and it is processed and BELIEVED at a much deeper level. Just like a pro-golfer will still have a coach, there is always room for improvement, and even one key piece of learning can make a huge difference to your game. Would I recommend it to those who don't yet have decent game? Yes - even more so! This stuff is insanely effective and valuable...

Bruce W. from Los Angeles, CA, USA